Metro shoes was founded in 1986, and is a local Pakistani brand, to this day bringing amazing, high-quality footwear. They have extensively established themselves as one of the finest footwear brands in the nation, providing top quality shoes in all categories for all foreseeable needs. They showcase amazing diversity in footwear, such as formal, casual, fancy, seasonal, and even bridal collections. Not only that, but they also offer an amazing variety of handbags and clutches.

Metro shoes is always offering great new arrivals in both men’s and ladies’ shoe collections, each with their own distinctive styles and designs, that cater to all markets and audiences. They are always bringing their customers a perfectly blend of feminine style and comfort in their products, making Metro shoes a truly coveted brand. Using intricate details and well-shaped leather, allowing ease of leisurely walks and board meetings. Experience comfortable feet all day long with the specially designed foot bed with a cushioned, contoured style. Metro shoes brings great service, great prices, and great style, all in one place.

New Arrivals

Their new arrivals from Metro Shoes always bring a fresh new range of footwear, handbags and clutches that are perfect for that time. The designs and styles are always up to date, keeping in with current fashion trends, while maintaining comfort and quality. Their summer collections are perfect for maintaining a cool and vibrant feel. Check out their new arrivals and enjoy the perfect summer vibe. Their ladies’ and men’s shoes are sure to make your feet comfortable, allowing you some reprieve from the scorching sun, and feeling cool down there. Do not miss out on their new arrivals and stay in touch with the latest in shoe fashion.

Prices & Sales

Metro brings amazing style, quality, and comfort at even better prices. They want to make their footwear accessible to more people, so the high-quality can be yours at low prices. And that is before their great sales come into the equation, making these great prices even greater! Metro is always bringing cool new sales so you can get their stunning shoes and bags at even better prices than normal. Style yourself up completely with a small budget, only at Metro shoes. Their staggering sales are the best things every winter and summer and are not something to miss out on!


The flats available at Metro Shoes are on another level, bringing both grace and style in simple footwear. Their fancy flats are perfect for any special occasion or party, bringing simple yet extravagant fashion perfect for fashionable flats. Each design is available in a variety of colours so you can grab the perfect pair that matches your dress for those special events. Stay elegant with their formal flats. Their casual flats offer great comfort with simplistic designs for easy, everyday use for their customers. So, hop on the Metro shoes website today and grab the perfect flats that you need.


Metro Shoes also has great and unmatchable sandals available for their female customers. They have great ladies’ casual sandals and formal sandals for women available all the time. Their sandals come in a variety of trendy and fashionable styles all year long. Grab the pair that suits you in any colour you desire. Metro shoes has a variety of shades and hues in their wide range of sandals for girls. Browse them with ease from the Metro Shoes website. Their formal sandals offer an amazing look for those special events, all while keeping your feet snug and comfortable. Grab dazzling sandals today from Metro shoes.


Grab all types of heel shoes for women from Metro Shoes today. Their heels come in dazzling high heels, and stunning mid heel shoes so that everyone can find something that they need for any type of event. All of these shoes are offered in a wide range of styles on their online store, with graceful and elegant designs. Their heel shoes are truly glamourous and are available in a wide range of unmatchable styles. These heel shoes also maintain a great sense of comfortability that is unusual for most heels, as well as coming in amazingly affordable prices for all their customers.


For their women clientele, Metro Shoes additionally features fantastic and unrivalled slides. They always have a nice selection of ladies' casual and formal slides for women. Their slides are available all year in a variety of stylish and fashionable styles. Choose the colour and style that best suits you. In their extensive assortment of slides for girls, Metro shoes features a choice of tints and hues. The Metro Shoes website makes it simple to find them. Their elegant slides provide a stunning aesthetic for special occasions while also keeping your feet warm and comfortable. Today is the last day to get your hands on some beautiful slides from Metro shoes.


Metro Shoes' wedge shoes are on another level, combining grace and flair in a single piece of footwear. Their fancy wedges are ideal for any special occasion or celebration, with basic yet lavish fashion ideal for fashionable wedges. Each design comes in a range of colours, allowing you to find the right pair to compliment your outfit for those special occasions. Their formal wedges keep things classy. Their casual wedges are designed to be simple and comfortable for clients to use on a daily basis. So, go to the Metro shoes website right now and get the appropriate wedges for you.

Men’s Shoes

Metro also has an amazing range of men’s shoes, from loafers to sleek dress shoes, perfect for any formal occasion. The most stunning men’s shoes are available to buy with ease from Metro shoes’ website online. Grab the perfect formal and casual shoes for Men from Metro Shoes today. Metro Shoes’ male customers can grab indoor shoes in a variety of styles depending upon a wide range of needs and requirements. Order stylish leather shoes for men from Metro today and receive only the best footwear in Pakistan. Comfort and style are available in plenty from their selections of men’s shoes.

Outdoor shoes

Metro shoes also has a great collection of outdoor shoes such as stylish and vibrant sneakers and boots. Their sneakers are perfect for a light walk, a morning jog, or an intense workout. Grab comfortable sneakers from Metro shoes today and complete your workouts in style. Their outdoor shoes are perfect for maintaining your style as you jog in the morning, and the special designs makes sure to reduce the stress on your feet, allowing you to exercise to your full potential, letting you work out longer and harder. So, hop on the Metro Shoes website today and grab the perfect sneakers for yourself today.

Bags & Clutches

The ladies’ handbags and clutches on offer at Metro Shoes are truly amazing and trendy. Their handbags for women come in a variety of styles so that you can grab one that suits your unique taste. Grab the perfect handbag to match any outfit, season, mood, or vibe. Their clutches are also dazzling and come in a wide range of hues and shades to suit any formal occasion or event. Grab the handbags or ladies’ clutches that pair perfectly with your outfits and see the difference immediately. Hop on the Metro Shoes online store today and grab the footwear and handbags you need.